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SafeScan 2995-SX - Mixed-Bill Value Counter & ATM Fitness Sorter
SafeScan 2995-SX - ATM Fitness Sorter

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SafeScan 2995-SX Mixed-Bill Value Counter & ATM Fitness Sorter

  • Count speed: up to 1,200 bills per minute
  • Type: ATM mixed denomination value counter & sorter
  • Identifies bills unfit for circulation & ATM machines
  • Identifies dirty and damaged bills
  • Two pocket sorter with color touch screen menus
  • Sorts, faces and orients bills
  • Bank Grade 7-point counterfeit detection
  • Extra sensors for maximum counterfeit detection
  • Detects sophisticated counterfeits including super dollars
  • Auto recognition of currency & denomination
  • Serial number scanning
  • Automatic Add/Batch functions
  • High definition color touch screen
  • Includes Safescan’s Money Counting Software
  • Three year manufacturer warranty

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Brand: Safescan
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SafeScan 2995-SX Mixed-Bill Value Counter & ATM Fitness Sorter

Manage Your Cash Counting Operations With Speed And Precision: Safescan's 2995-SX allows you to manage your cash counting operations with confidence and ease. Its double pocket design and advanced fitness sorting features allow the Safescan 2995-SX to count and sort mixed denomination bills based on their validity, fitness, denomination and orientation. The Safescan 2995-SX's ATM fitness sorting feature allows it to identify bills that are creased, ripped, taped or otherwise damaged and unsuitable for circulation or use in an ATM machine. The Safescan 2995-SX is perfect for when you need to prepare your ATM machine quickly or have bills on hand that are ready to go into circulation. The Safescan 2995-SX quickly value counts, sorts and checks all bills for counterfeits using up to seven different security features. Thanks to its smart design and intelligent features, your cash management will be easier, faster and more accurate than ever.

Accurate Value Counting And Sorting Of Mixed Denomination Bills: Rapidly value count and sort up to 1,200 bills per minute. The Safescan 2995-SX can value count and sort mixed denomination bills for all pre-installed currencies as well as count sorted (single-denomination) banknotes for any other currency. The Safescan 2995-SX is a currency discriminator - which means that it can recognize different currencies as well as the denomination of each bill. Simply place a stack of bills into the top feeder and the Safescan 2995-SX will automatically recognize the currency and begin counting. You can even count up to three currencies at the same time using the multi-mix mode, or sort out the currency you need with the advanced sorting function. Whenever the Treasury Department releases new bills, you can easily update your Safescan 2995-SX for free by downloading the update from our website.

Detect Counterfeits Using Advanced Sensor Technology: Protect yourself from counterfeit money by using the Safescan 2995-SX. Thanks to its smart design, advanced dual CIS (contact image sensor) technology and array of sensors, it can verify bills on up to seven security features including: ultraviolet ink, infrared ink, magnetic ink, metallic thread, image, size and thickness. The 2995-SX can even detect double bills, bleached bills and superdollars - the most sophisticated counterfeits ever made. When the 2995-SX identifies a suspected counterfeit bill, it will automatically send the banknote to the upper reject pocket allowing your counting process to continue without interruption. The Safescan 2995-SX is regularly tested at the world's leading central banks against the most sophisticated counterfeits to ensure that it can detect counterfeits with 100% accuracy.

Time-Saving Automated Features: The Safescan 2995-SX features a front-loading hopper and double-pocket design that allows you to continuously add bills to the feeder while it is counting - making counting even faster. In addition to continuous feeding, the Safescan 2995-SX has multiple automated features to make your counting process easier. Use the add feature to automatically add up the amount of bills counted across different runs, or choose one of the batch functions to create stacks of bills of a desired value or quantity. With the 2995-SX, you can face or orient your bills, scan serial numbers and save your own personal count settings. Simply choose the preferred feature and let the 2995-SX do all the work.

Easy Navigation With Touch Screen Display: Navigating the different features and options of the Safescan 2995-SX is easy thanks to its high resolution, full color touch screen display. Navigation is made even easier by the option to choose your language; all menus are then accessible in your chosen language with just the touch of your finger. No training needed!

Easy Maintenance: The dirty secret about money is - that money is dirty! Dust and grime accumulate on bills and some of it is transferred to the inside of the machine during counting. To ensure that your counter is performing at the highest level, it's important to clean it regularly. The Safescan 2995-SX is programmed to remind you to conduct periodic maintenance. A message will be displayed regularly that reminds you to open the top and back of the Safescan 2995-SX and clean the internal sensors using an air duster and our special cleaning cards. It's easy and fast and your counter will be clean and ready in no time at all!

Print, Export And Display Your Count Results: Make your cash management even easier by combining the Safescan 2995-SX with one of our custom accessories. Easily print your counting results using the optional Safescan TP-230 printer (sold separately), or export them to your computer using the free Safescan Money Counting Software.

SafeScan 2995-SX Mixed-Bill Value Counter & ATM Fitness Sorter
What's Included:
  • SafeScan 2995-SX Mixed-Bill Value Counter & ATM Fitness Sorter
  • Power cord
  • User manual
  • Cleaning/ service kit
  • Dust cover
  • SafeScan money counting software (download)
  • USB/ MCS cable
  • Three year manufacturer warranty

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