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Ratiotec RS 2200 Calibration

What To Do If You’re Getting Inaccurate Counting Results

When powering on your RS 2200, make sure that nothing, not even the coin tray, is on the weighing platform. If the device has been dropped, knocked, moved, or is giving inaccurate counting results, it must be calibrated as follows:

1. Enter the Setup Menu by pressing and holding down the < and > keys simultaneously, until the RS 2200 beeps

2. Scroll through the options with the < and > keys until you get to CALIBRATE. Press and hold the OK button

3. The scale will then prompt 500.0 G WEIGHT NEEDED. Place the metal reference weight that came with your scale directly on the weighing platform

4. Press OK. You’ll hear an audible tone, the message SCALE READY will appear on screen, and the scale will turn itself off. Remove the reference weight from the weighing platform and hold the CLEAR key for two seconds to turn the scale back on.

If you need assistance with set-up or calibration, contact support at 561-420-0998

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